Lawn Care

A front lawn treated from £6.00 a visit (up to 25m2)

A rear lawn treated from £7.50 a visit (up to 35m2)

LAWN CARE! WOW where do you start? So many companies offering so much who should you go for?

Are they not all the same?

What makes BESPOKE LAWN CARE different!

Bespoke lawn care is a independently owned lawn and garden care/ maintenance company, we are not part of a franchise or indeed a section of a larger corporation.

Bespoke Lawn and garden care is based in the North West and only operates in the North West.

Because we only operate in the North West, the lawn care products we use are proven to give good results and being suitable for the type of soil/clay sub base the lawns in this part of the country tend to be laid on.

We are not tied to buy our lawn care products from a particular supplier or a franchised operation approved supplier, this usually results in us making a saving on costs therefore keeping the cost down for you.

Because we can purchase from who we wish, this gives us access to a larger product range therefore being able to source the best treatment feeds and separate weed control for your lawn this in turn give you a Bespoke lawn care.

Different treatments we offer for your lawn care

Each of the feeds & selective weed controls mentioned below will alter to suit not just the season we are in but also to take into account any unusual weather patterns we might be having, any noticeable trace element deficiencies your lawn might be suffering along with any requirements you might have requested making this a Bespoke lawn treatment specific to your lawn.

The various feeds, weed control products, lawn disease prevention / cure products we use are not in the main available to members of the public and are sourced from specialist trade suppliers and manufacturers.

Spring treatment; The long hard winter is behind us now.lets start getting your lawn into shape.

Early summer treatment; With this treatment you will start seeing the benefits of our Bespoke lawn care.

Summer treatment; This treatment is the one we have to assess all conditions prior to deciding which of the many products available is best suited to your lawn.

Autumn visit; With the British summer remaining for longer than ever this feed is adjusted to still have a low Nitrogen content as the grass is still growing.

Winter moss control and turf hardening; We count this treatment as a standard visit, we view it as one of the most important treatments of the year, the products we apply not only prepare your lawn for the harsh winter ahead but can help prevent a lot of lawn disease issues.

What else can you do for my lawn? you ask!

Feed and weed control will assist your lawn to look good however this is only the basics of lawn care.

The first point to note with Bespoke lawn care is we do not recommend a treatment unless we feel it will be of benefit for your lawn.

Aeration Hollow tine- We at Bespoke lawn care consider hollow tine aeration to be the single most beneficial treatment you can give a lawn, removes compaction helps both air & water reach the roots, assists drainage and so much more.

Aeration solid tine solid tine aeration is beneficial when we have dry periods or the grassed area is in constant use IE bowling green, tennis court or a golf fairway

Over seeding,this is done to help reduce any areas were you have bold areas or sparse growth due to drought, scarification or wear, we use different mixes of seed to maximize uptake dependent on ground and lawn conditions.

Scarification to help treat excessive thatch and /or moss Thatch is one of the biggest causes of an unhealthy lawn, we will remove the majority of the thatch (a little is beneficial) so your lawn will absorb the feeds we apply and moisture will reach the roots helping to stimulate healthy growth.

Moss on the lawn is caused be a number of reasons however with good lawn care it can be eliminated in the main.

Top dressing and lawn levelling, we do this to bring a tired or lumpy lawn back to life and encourage new growth to a old and worn lawn.

Lawn diseases be it Fusarium, Snow mold, Red thread or Dollar spot we can treat them all.

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